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January 5, 2022

5 knowledge points to be mastered for Watson cnc router control

Now, more and more like wood cnc router. Watson cnc router is very intelligent. The cnc wood milling machine makes the operation of workers more concise, and the business of customizing furniture becomes very easy. The threshold for furniture factories is getting lower and lower. Having a cnc wood milling machine with high configuration can save 5 manuals. Worker. . Watson cnc router uses professional optimized typesetting software to realize drilling, grooving, cutting, and special-shaped arc cutting, maximizing the utilization rate of the plate, saving labor and high efficiency. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, and a Watson cnc router can feed 50-80 sheets in 8 hours. What kind of furniture? Buying the best cnc wood carving machine has become an indispensable tool and equipment.

1325 3 axis single head cnc router machine

How to ensure the safety of cnc router machine, smooth and accurate production is a problem that furniture factories consider every day.

Watson cnc router learns these 5 knowledge points:

1. Know the Watson cnc router operating system and master the operation steps

2. Tool compensation setting steps

3. Setting steps of workpiece origin (program origin)

4. Upload, load, delete and execute program steps of processing program

5. Operation steps of milling backing board (density board)

The commonly used operating systems of cnc wood router in the market include Taiwan New Generation, Taiwan Baoyuan, Shanghai Weihong...the operating systems have different expressions and interpretations of terms. It is very useful to master the core of the cnc wood router operating system.

Tool compensation is what we usually call tool calibration. Whether the cnc wood routerr tool calibration is correct will seriously affect the depth of the holes we add and the depth of the scratches on the backing board (density board). The depth of the holes affects whether the furniture is in place during installation. The more scratches on the backing board, it will indirectly affect the adsorption and positioning of the board, so the accuracy of Watson cnc router's positioning is also very important.

Whether the workpiece origin or program origin is set accurately in cnc wood router affects whether the punching hole is vertical or not, and the accuracy of the plate processing size.

How to import the program in the U disk? How to upload? How to delete and uninstall the programs in the upload system? For example, if the program in the new generation system cannot be deleted during the loading process, it must be uninstalled first, or loaded with another program before it can be deleted.

The flatness of the backing plate of Watson cnc router affects the firmness of the plate adsorption. The more grooves on the backing plate, the suction pressure will decrease, and the plate is easy to run off the board, so the flatness of the backing plate must be maintained.

1325 linear ATC cnc router machine

In addition to the above 5 knowledge points are very important, ordinary maintenance is also indispensable!

1. Check the water volume of the vacuum pump of the cnc router twice a day. Pay attention to the heat preservation of the pump head in winter and add an appropriate amount of antifreeze powder or antifreeze.

2. Check the oil volume of the automatic oil pump of Watson cnc router every day

3. Check the guide rack of cnc router every day to see if there is any foreign matter, sawdust, etc., to keep it clean

4. Clean up the cnc router electrical box to prevent excessive dust from causing electrostatic interference

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