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 In recent years, the country has vigorously developed new types of support. More and more factories and machinery manufacturers are introducing high-tech equipment. The use of laser engraving machines can improve our production efficiency and ensure quality. It can also improve product cost performance and save costs. If it is always a traditional machine, the work efficiency will be greatly reduced, the product quality will be greatly reduced, and it will not be able to meet the new technological transformation and upgrading. Compared with their peers, they will lag behind and are unwilling to pay high prices for new equipment. However, their competitors, their peers, may be willing to give up their money. Compared with them, they have fallen behind and are not competitive in the market. When cutting this piece, the laser engraving machine is a kind of high-tech cutting equipment, so should the factory introduce such cutting equipment?

  As we all know, the more highly skilled, efficient and new equipment, the higher the cost, but the efficiency is directly proportional to its value. Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the best cutting equipment, its cutting technology is also top-notch, but compared with other cutting equipment, its cost is relatively expensive. Some mechanical cutting, especially some hard and large cutting objects, often need to use this kind of efficient fiber laser engraving machine. For a mechanical cutting factory, the cost of introducing such a piece of equipment is naturally very high, and it is much more expensive than some traditional cutting equipment, but there are also reasons for its high cost. After all, quality can be guaranteed and efficiency improved.

   Cost comparison between fiber laser engraving machine and traditional machine

  If you want to carefully compare the cost of the laser engraving machine, it is often more obvious. If you use traditional cutting equipment, the efficiency is relatively low, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and more people are required to operate. Although the short-term cost is relatively low, the long-term cost is still relatively high. The introduction of the laser cutting machine has high efficiency and guaranteed quality. It can be operated by one or two people without too much manpower. In contrast, if traditional engraving machines and laser engraving machines continue for a long time, the cost of laser engraving machines will be lower and cost-effective

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In recent years, as people’s demand for custom-made home furniture has increased, there have been more and more furniture factories. As a necessary production equipment, cnc router machine is popular because of its superior processing ability and effective improvement of production efficiency. How to choose a cnc router machine that suits you? Today, I will analyze it from three aspects.

  1. Accurate positioning of cnc router machine according to business needs

  Because people nowadays are full of personalized creativity, they will have different processing requirements. Then you need to choose the woodworking engraving machine according to the main products you make. For example, if your main business is door panels, you can choose a floppy disk cutter changer. Because the door panels require more patterns, the 1325 linear ATC cnc router machine has 12 tools, and the tool change speed is fast. You can also increase the tool type according to your own needs. It can not only meet the needs of different customers, but also greatly Improve production efficiency.

  Of course, there are many different woodworking engraving machines, and different engraving machines correspond to different processing techniques. Be sure to purchase cnc router according to your own needs, and accurately locate and choose.

  Second, understand the manufacturer's strength on the spot

  The engraving machine industry has been developed for almost 19 years now. Now there are many wood cnc router manufacturers,

  It is said that you must shop around, but you must not take advantage of such large equipment. After understanding your own needs in the early stage, choose cnc router according to your own production needs. Next, you can go to the cnc router manufacturer to conduct on-site inspections to see the strength of the manufacturer. In addition, further understanding, whether the manufacturer has the strength to do software training, after-sales service, and technical guidance for you, only choose a strong manufacturer, so that you can sit back and relax in the later service.

1325 3 axis single head cnc router machine

  Three, test the accuracy and running speed of cnc router

  Watson cnc router from component processing, bed welding, to parts assembly, each step is related to the accuracy and running speed of the cnc router. This requires professional processing technology and meticulous measurement. If you want your own engraving products to be in the lead, you must strive for perfection in all aspects. There are also some main accessories of wood cnc router accuracy, such as drives, motors, guide rails, etc. We have to pay too much attention to these.

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Now, more and more like wood cnc router. Watson cnc router is very intelligent. The cnc wood milling machine makes the operation of workers more concise, and the business of customizing furniture becomes very easy. The threshold for furniture factories is getting lower and lower. Having a cnc wood milling machine with high configuration can save 5 manuals. Worker. . Watson cnc router uses professional optimized typesetting software to realize drilling, grooving, cutting, and special-shaped arc cutting, maximizing the utilization rate of the plate, saving labor and high efficiency. One person can operate multiple devices at the same time, and a Watson cnc router can feed 50-80 sheets in 8 hours. What kind of furniture? Buying the best cnc wood carving machine has become an indispensable tool and equipment.

1325 3 axis single head cnc router machine

How to ensure the safety of cnc router machine, smooth and accurate production is a problem that furniture factories consider every day.

Watson cnc router learns these 5 knowledge points:

1. Know the Watson cnc router operating system and master the operation steps

2. Tool compensation setting steps

3. Setting steps of workpiece origin (program origin)

4. Upload, load, delete and execute program steps of processing program

5. Operation steps of milling backing board (density board)

The commonly used operating systems of cnc wood router in the market include Taiwan New Generation, Taiwan Baoyuan, Shanghai Weihong...the operating systems have different expressions and interpretations of terms. It is very useful to master the core of the cnc wood router operating system.

Tool compensation is what we usually call tool calibration. Whether the cnc wood routerr tool calibration is correct will seriously affect the depth of the holes we add and the depth of the scratches on the backing board (density board). The depth of the holes affects whether the furniture is in place during installation. The more scratches on the backing board, it will indirectly affect the adsorption and positioning of the board, so the accuracy of Watson cnc router's positioning is also very important.

Whether the workpiece origin or program origin is set accurately in cnc wood router affects whether the punching hole is vertical or not, and the accuracy of the plate processing size.

How to import the program in the U disk? How to upload? How to delete and uninstall the programs in the upload system? For example, if the program in the new generation system cannot be deleted during the loading process, it must be uninstalled first, or loaded with another program before it can be deleted.

The flatness of the backing plate of Watson cnc router affects the firmness of the plate adsorption. The more grooves on the backing plate, the suction pressure will decrease, and the plate is easy to run off the board, so the flatness of the backing plate must be maintained.

1325 linear ATC cnc router machine

In addition to the above 5 knowledge points are very important, ordinary maintenance is also indispensable!

1. Check the water volume of the vacuum pump of the cnc router twice a day. Pay attention to the heat preservation of the pump head in winter and add an appropriate amount of antifreeze powder or antifreeze.

2. Check the oil volume of the automatic oil pump of Watson cnc router every day

3. Check the guide rack of cnc router every day to see if there is any foreign matter, sawdust, etc., to keep it clean

4. Clean up the cnc router electrical box to prevent excessive dust from causing electrostatic interference

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In some woodworking enterprises, woodworking engraving opportunities produce a large amount of wood dust powder, so the use of vacuum cleaner equipment woodworking engraving machine has great advantages, can avoid the pollution of woodworking engraving machine, etc., but also conducive to the usual maintenance and maintenance work. At the same time, it can also avoid causing physical injury to the operator.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner plays an important protective role in the work process of the woodworking engraving machine. Therefore, we recommend that customers should equip the machine with a vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, it can maintain the sanitation of the surrounding environment and on the other hand, it can better protect the woodworking engraving machine. The operator of the machine. The operator himself must also take appropriate protective measures. The installation of a vacuum device can not only extend the life of the engraving machine, but also save time for you to maintain the engraving machine.

Furthermore, the vacuum cleaner plays an important protective role in the work process of the woodworking engraving machine. Therefore, we recommend that customers should equip the machine with a vacuum cleaner. On the one hand, it can maintain the sanitation of the surrounding environment and on the other hand, it can better protect the woodworking engraving machine. The operator of the machine. The operator himself must also take appropriate protective measures. The installation of a vacuum device can not only extend the life of the engraving machine, but also save time for you to maintain the engraving machine.

The daily maintenance of the dustproof device of the woodworking engraving machine is as follows:

First, check every day to remove all kinds of chips and other dirt on the surface, prevent the accumulation of debris, check whether the running track meets the requirements of lubrication, and prevent damage caused by huge friction caused by insufficient lubricating oil. Look at the surface. Whether it is very smooth and whether there are scratches, as a basis for early detection, these problems should be repeated before the end of the afternoon. These tasks are the focus of every day and I hope that everyone’s attention will be drawn.

Secondly, the content of regular inspection is mainly the inspection of the dust cover of the engraving machine organ to prevent dust and abrasive particles from adhering to the surface of the cooling pipe. If these things exist, it will affect the service life of the lead screw and the accuracy of the work, resulting in product damage. If it is unqualified, if damage to the lead screw guard is found during the inspection, it should be repaired in time. When the damage is more serious, it should be replaced in time. After each work, drain the remaining water in the water tank and wipe it with a dry cloth. Machines.

When woodworking engraving machines are processed in many factories, the craftsmanship is designed according to the drawings prepared in advance. For example, if the knife needs 0.5cm, the actual engraving depth is 0.5. But when there is a problem, when it is found that the value of 0.5 is 0.2 in some places, it even reaches 1 in some places. This is a headache. If you find a problem, if you want to solve the problem, you must first understand where the problem occurred. Generally, the uneven engraving of woodworking engraving machine occurs, and it is generally due to the following aspects except for the problems:

  1. The control card is loose or faulty

  2. Step-by-step motor failure

  3. Drive failure or current subdivision is inconsistent with the software setting

  4.Z-axis motor cable failure

  5. Spindle motor failure

  6. Inverter interference or data setting error

  7. Electrostatic interference

  8. Computer virus or system problem

  The woodworking engraving machine has this kind of failure, and the best solution is to troubleshoot it.

The woodworking engraving machine may encounter various things in the process of processing, among which the sticking of the knife is an accident. Engraving machine piercing means that the tool suddenly plunges into the workpiece during the movement, resulting in damage to the tool, scrapping of the workpiece, and even damage to the accuracy of the machine tool. Avoid piercing during processing.
 When the engraving machine is running and cutting the knife, press the emergency stop switch button on the machine tool immediately to terminate the current processing. Check whether the workpiece is scrapped, and then run-in the spindle for about 2 hours according to the spindle running-in procedure. If it is a relatively serious sticking of a larger tool, check whether the accuracy of the machine tool is damaged. If the accuracy is damaged, let the professional of the engraving machine manufacturer handle it.
The reasons for knife sticking are generally misoperation, processing program problems and machine tool failures. Therefore, each link should be checked during operation to avoid misoperations, and path over-cutting analysis should be carried out in path variants to avoid knife sticking. The path appears. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the power supply environment of the CNC engraving machine and the stability of the control computer. These two are important reasons for machine failures.

Woodworking carving grids are alive just like human beings. In order to keep all parts of the cabinet door carving machine in good condition, it is very important to insist on regular maintenance. This can eliminate many hidden troubles in the bud and prevent the occurrence of vicious accidents. Operators should develop a good habit of frequent maintenance of the equipment used. In general, the maintenance of the engraving machine includes the following aspects:

  1. Check before starting up every day; such as: whether the communication line, motor line, and optocoupler line are loose and whether the voltage is stable; then turn on the power of the machine, operate the machine to move back and forth twice, and start work.
  2. The engraving machine of the water-cooled spindle should ensure the cleanness of the cooling water and the normal operation of the water pump. Never make the water-cooled spindle motor lack water. Replace the cooling water regularly to prevent the water temperature from being too high. Circulate water as much as possible and replace the large capacity. Water tank.
  3. Clean the heat dissipation and ventilation system of the circuit box regularly. Please regularly check whether the fans on the electric control box are working properly. Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the dust in the electric control box regularly. Check whether the terminal screws are loose to ensure the safety and reliability of the circuit. use.
  4. Clean the dust and debris on the exposed rail (polished rod), and clean it with No. 2 engine oil, and add butter or No. 2 lithium base grease after cleaning.
  5. Clean the sensor (optocoupler, proximity switch) to prevent dust, powder and oil from sticking to the sensor, affecting its sensitivity or causing false touches.
  6. Move the machine head to the lower left or lower right position to prevent collision, and then cut off the power; never pull the plug when the power is on.
  7. Maintenance of the engraving machine when it is not used for a long time: When the engraving machine is not used for a long time, it should be powered on 1-2 times a week, especially in the rainy season when the environment is relatively humid. Let the engraving machine run dry for about an hour. The heat generated by the electrical components is used to dissipate the moisture in the numerical control system to ensure the stable and reliable performance of the electronic components.
  8. Maintenance of the inverter: The inverter has been debugged before leaving the factory. It is forbidden to debug and change the wiring privately to prevent the motor or inverter from being damaged due to data input errors.
  9. After the day's work is completed, first take off the carving knife and let the spindle chuck and lock nut be in a relaxed state. This is helpful to extend the service life of the spindle chuck. Then we start to clean the work surface, which can be cleaned with a brush; note that it is usually best not to pile up all debris on the work surface to avoid deformation of the platform.
  10. The door of the electric control box should be opened as little as possible. It is forbidden to open the door. There will be dust, wood chips or metal powder in the air during engraving. Once they fall on the circuit board or electronic device in the electric control box, it is easy to cause components. The insulation resistance between the devices decreases, even causing damage to the components and circuit boards.
  11. Regularly check whether the screws of each part of the machine are loose.
  12. Vacuum pump maintenance:
    A. The wire mesh in the suction port of the water circulating air pump is used to prevent foreign dust particles from entering the pump body. This filter should be kept clean at all times to avoid clogging and reduce the pumping speed. When the water pump is not in use, it should be powered on every few days. Minutes to prevent the pump body from long rust and unable to operate normally.
    B Tongyou vacuum pump should also loosen the wing nut and take out the paper filter element to clean the filter screen regularly with high pressure gas. If the filter element is found to be poorly ventilated or damaged, it should be replaced in time. According to the length of use, a high pressure oil gun can be used to lubricate each bearing.
  13. Strictly operate in accordance with the instructions for use and comply with safe use regulations.

The development of the knowledge and technology of CNC engraving machine has enabled the continuous application of advanced technology in various industries, which has reduced the technical cost of the industry and increased the performance cost. Engraving machines have been in use for more than 10 years since they were developed, and the technology is constantly improving. The laser engraving machine uses laser instruments to create a faster-running machine. As the core technology of the engraving machine-CNC technology, this technology is the prerequisite for the engraving machine to successfully complete various gorgeous carvings. So how does the CNC engraving machine work? Why can it be carved according to a certain pattern? Although these are irrelevant to the person who buys the engraving machine, it is okay to understand it.
The CNC engraving machine is an automatic machine tool equipped with a program control system, which can make the machine tool move and process parts according to the programmed program. Different types of CNC engraving machines have different requirements for sensors. Generally speaking, large-scale machine tools require high speed response, and medium-sized and high-precision CNC machine tools require precision. Of course, in order to allow all types of engraving machines to work quickly and well, the update of numerical control technology alone is not enough. The use of laser instruments in the engraving machine is to make all types of engraving machines perform better. At work, the accuracy has improved, and the speed has not fallen.
Due to the characteristics of high precision, high speed, high efficiency and safety and reliability, CNC machine tools are rapidly gaining popularity in enterprises during the renewal of manufacturing technology and equipment. A CNC machine tool is an automated machine tool equipped with a program control system, which can make the machine tool move and process parts according to the programmed program. It integrates the latest technologies such as machinery, automation, computers, measurement, and microelectronics, and uses a variety of sensors. The performance of CNC engraving machine makes some industries that are not related to machine tools like this machine, so there are a variety of new applications-advertising engraving machine, woodworking engraving machine, stone engraving machine, relief, interior carving materials, etc. .
Different types of CNC machine tools have different requirements for sensors. Generally speaking, large-scale machine tools require high speed response, and medium-sized and high-precision CNC machine tools require precision. Of course, with the development of technology, this is not always positioned like this. Small and medium-sized engraving machines, if the configuration keeps up, although the price will be much higher, it is still cheaper than large engraving machines, and the speed and accuracy are up to a certain degree. So, if you want to buy a high-performance advertising engraving machine, you do not have to buy a large model, you can also choose a small model, and then configure a good engraving machine.

In the process of using woodworking engraving machine, we often need to optimize the engraving path, so that a better engraving effect can be gradually achieved. The following is a simple sharing of engraving settings.
In the engraving software, the user can edit and modify the generated two-dimensional path. When editing, you must first select the path graphics we need to edit, and then click "Engraving Path Edit" under "Path Calculation". A tool bar for editing the engraving path will appear. Select the path that needs to be edited. (At this time, all node editing functions are all Can be used), just edit and modify.
The first item of the tool bar is to define the starting point, which can be arbitrarily specified in the engraving path; the second item is reverse order, that is, to change the selected path to the opposite direction; the third item is to disconnect, use this function The position of the connecting bars can be added arbitrarily; the fourth item is sorting, and the selected path can be sorted sequentially; the last item is to save, but we must not forget to save it after we modify it, in order to ensure that the program is loaded into the woodworking carving After the computer is installed, simulate and preview it first to avoid errors.
How to set the starting position of the engraving machine? Most of the starting position is set in the lower left corner or the center. Manually move the knife to the required starting point to set the program path of the CNC engraving machine.
First set the starting point. You can define any point in the engraving path of the CNC engraving machine as the starting point of the engraving path to change the position of the tool drop point during processing. We can adjust the starting position according to the requirements of the processing technology. The second is to set the path reverse, change the selected CNC engraving machine engraving path to the opposite direction, so that the processing direction is consistent with the texture of the processed material. Make the processing effect more perfect. Design the arc fitting again, for the tool path and processing calculation, the result obtained by using the arc curve will be better than that of the short polyline. It can greatly reduce tool paths, save processing time, and make the processed curves more smooth.
The last is to set the connecting ribs: When cutting, the connecting ribs are set to avoid damage to the processed parts or processing errors due to the movement of the processed object before the end of the processing, and the processed object is required to be incompletely disconnected. After the processing is completed Separate it manually. We can set the ribs on the material where there is no processing requirement.

The control methods of woodworking engraving machines on the market are divided into three types:

  1. Using single-chip microcomputer control, the woodworking engraving machine can be used for typesetting at the same time, but the computer cannot be turned off, which can reduce the waste caused by computer misoperation.
  2. The USB port is used to transfer data. The system has a memory capacity of more than 32M. After saving the file, it can be completely separated from the computer, shut down the computer or perform other typesetting, which can greatly improve work efficiency.
  3. All calculation work is completed by computer control. The woodworking engraving machine is in working condition when the computer is working and cannot perform other typesetting work, which may cause waste due to the misoperation of the computer.
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