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January 5, 2022

Laser engraving machine is cost-effective and cost-effective than traditional machines

 In recent years, the country has vigorously developed new types of support. More and more factories and machinery manufacturers are introducing high-tech equipment. The use of laser engraving machines can improve our production efficiency and ensure quality. It can also improve product cost performance and save costs. If it is always a traditional machine, the work efficiency will be greatly reduced, the product quality will be greatly reduced, and it will not be able to meet the new technological transformation and upgrading. Compared with their peers, they will lag behind and are unwilling to pay high prices for new equipment. However, their competitors, their peers, may be willing to give up their money. Compared with them, they have fallen behind and are not competitive in the market. When cutting this piece, the laser engraving machine is a kind of high-tech cutting equipment, so should the factory introduce such cutting equipment?

  As we all know, the more highly skilled, efficient and new equipment, the higher the cost, but the efficiency is directly proportional to its value. Fiber laser cutting machine is one of the best cutting equipment, its cutting technology is also top-notch, but compared with other cutting equipment, its cost is relatively expensive. Some mechanical cutting, especially some hard and large cutting objects, often need to use this kind of efficient fiber laser engraving machine. For a mechanical cutting factory, the cost of introducing such a piece of equipment is naturally very high, and it is much more expensive than some traditional cutting equipment, but there are also reasons for its high cost. After all, quality can be guaranteed and efficiency improved.

   Cost comparison between fiber laser engraving machine and traditional machine

  If you want to carefully compare the cost of the laser engraving machine, it is often more obvious. If you use traditional cutting equipment, the efficiency is relatively low, the quality cannot be guaranteed, and more people are required to operate. Although the short-term cost is relatively low, the long-term cost is still relatively high. The introduction of the laser cutting machine has high efficiency and guaranteed quality. It can be operated by one or two people without too much manpower. In contrast, if traditional engraving machines and laser engraving machines continue for a long time, the cost of laser engraving machines will be lower and cost-effective

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