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March 14, 2021

Optimization and setting method of processing path of woodworking engraving machine

In the process of using woodworking engraving machine, we often need to optimize the engraving path, so that a better engraving effect can be gradually achieved. The following is a simple sharing of engraving settings.
In the engraving software, the user can edit and modify the generated two-dimensional path. When editing, you must first select the path graphics we need to edit, and then click "Engraving Path Edit" under "Path Calculation". A tool bar for editing the engraving path will appear. Select the path that needs to be edited. (At this time, all node editing functions are all Can be used), just edit and modify.
The first item of the tool bar is to define the starting point, which can be arbitrarily specified in the engraving path; the second item is reverse order, that is, to change the selected path to the opposite direction; the third item is to disconnect, use this function The position of the connecting bars can be added arbitrarily; the fourth item is sorting, and the selected path can be sorted sequentially; the last item is to save, but we must not forget to save it after we modify it, in order to ensure that the program is loaded into the woodworking carving After the computer is installed, simulate and preview it first to avoid errors.
How to set the starting position of the engraving machine? Most of the starting position is set in the lower left corner or the center. Manually move the knife to the required starting point to set the program path of the CNC engraving machine.
First set the starting point. You can define any point in the engraving path of the CNC engraving machine as the starting point of the engraving path to change the position of the tool drop point during processing. We can adjust the starting position according to the requirements of the processing technology. The second is to set the path reverse, change the selected CNC engraving machine engraving path to the opposite direction, so that the processing direction is consistent with the texture of the processed material. Make the processing effect more perfect. Design the arc fitting again, for the tool path and processing calculation, the result obtained by using the arc curve will be better than that of the short polyline. It can greatly reduce tool paths, save processing time, and make the processed curves more smooth.
The last is to set the connecting ribs: When cutting, the connecting ribs are set to avoid damage to the processed parts or processing errors due to the movement of the processed object before the end of the processing, and the processed object is required to be incompletely disconnected. After the processing is completed Separate it manually. We can set the ribs on the material where there is no processing requirement.

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