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1325 auto nesting cnc router machine

WS-1325 auto nesting machine with automatic loading and automatic unloading work table. Save load and unload material time,improve work efficiency.  Also has press roller,more better fix your material on work table.Application:

Wood Furniture Industry: wood door,kitchen cabinet,table,soft,cabinet,wood bed,bedside table and so on.


  • with 12 tools linear magazines,quick tool change,improve work efficiency.
  • withvacuum work table and 2 pieces press roller,more better fix material on work table.
  • Has automatic loading work table and unloading work table,save load and unload material time
  • Just need one user to operate machine,save labor cost.


Model WS-1325 auto nesting machine
Effective working area 1300*2500mm, Z axis 200mm
Tool magazines 12 tools magazines
Spindle 9kw Italian HSD ATC air cooling spindle,6000~24000rpm
Inverter 11kw Taiwan Delta inverter
Control system Taiwan LNC/SYNTEC control system
Motor and driver Leadshine AC servo/Japan YASKAWA  AC servo
Reducer Japan Shimpo
Work table Entire vacuum wort table
Working voltage AC 380v 3 phase 50hz
Tool sensor Automatic tool sensor
Lubrication system Automatic lubrication system
Design New design

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